Changes in 2017

Hi Everyone,

After living my whole life in NY or NJ, I now have the opportunity to take some time to live abroad.  So with that said, tonight I am moving to Rome!  I’ve been meaning to put up the post for the last two weeks, but the days just keep getting away from me. It is definitely a big life change, but sometimes you need a little change for the good.  I will be in Italy for at least a year. Whether or not this will become a more permanent move, only time will tell.

I wanted to thank everyone that I’ve worked with throughout the years!  It was great meeting and making friends with each and everyone of you!

I will be building my photography business in Rome, focusing on family vacations, engagements and maternity photography. If you find yourself in Italy or have a friend or family member traveling through, please let me know!

I’ve started an instagram page that I will be posting pictures of Italy and future shoots. Please click here to follow.

All the Best,



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